Discipline Policy

Every community has its code of behavior to ensure that each individual can thrive securely and safely.  Part of the growing process is the recognition osfu such rules and learning to live by them.  Each child comes to the Hovnanian School Child Care Center from a different family background with different ways of dealing with behavioral expectations.  Our role at HSCCC is to set a fair code which is consistent and that all children grow to observe.  

We maintain and encourage a positive redirection policy.  Positive discipline (applicable to the toddler age group).  Positive discipline focuses on prevention, setting firm limits and consistency.  Young children often do not understand the concept of punishment, therefore, if inappropriate behavior occurs in the Child Care Center it will be addressed on a case by case basis.  

As your child continues to grow we will encourage them to empathize with one another’s feelings and see the results of their actions.  Respect for other people and respect for property will be explained and taught in an age appropriate manner routinely.